Things You Should do Before You Apply

for a Mortgage

Know What You Can Afford

This can be hard, especially when you have a variable income, but always better to err on the conservative side. Nobody needs the stress of scrounging for a payment. A basic rule of thumb is to look for houses 2.5 times more than your annual income. Ideally, your mortgage payment should be under 28% of your monthly income. There are plenty of mortgage calculators out there to help you crunch the numbers.

Gather the Documents

This is a tedious but important step. Gather a couple years worth of tax returns, print out your checking and savings statements, pay stubs and proof of employment history (like W-2s) and any other investment paper work. You need to prove that you’re reliable and can handle the financial burden.

Know Your Credit Score

Do you know your credit score? Those three numbers make a big impact on how lenders view you. Knowing your current credit score ensures they’ll be no surprises and you can deal with any unsightly marks that may have been in error.

Get Rid of Debt and Save

Now that you know your credit score, why not pay off some debt? Have a car that’s almost owned, finish off those payments. Don’t make any large purchase on credit near the time of or during the home search and purchase, it will hurt you. SAVE! A 20% down payment is the standard and comes with the extra benefit of not needing to purchase mortgage insurance. (Yes, there is in fact insurance for everything!)

Get Educated

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